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NE Spearman 729

+/- 729 acres

Located in: Spearman, TX

This farm is very flat with excellent soil. This farm has 3 established wells, an underground water line and 2 existing sprinkler pads. The sprinkler configuration could cover +/- 425 acres. When in operation the middle well was pumping a solid 1,200 gpm.

  1. Price:
  2. Water:
    This property has 3 established wells. One of the wells is owned by Chapparal Oil Company, it could possibly be transferred. The middle well on the property is drilled 650 ft. with 250 ft. of saturated thickness. The West well was drilled to 502 ft. and they stopped drilling in water sand coarse. The Chapparal well drilled to 610 ft. The static water level in the area is 370-400 ft. and staying steady.
  3. History:
    This farm has been primarily a wheat and cattle farm. At one time it was irrigated under row irrigation and later with sprinkler irrigation.
  4. Improvements:
    Improvements on the property include 3 wells and an underground water line to 2 existing sprinkler pads. Also, a 160 x 40 ft. quonset barn with concrete floor in excellent condition. A few storage storage buildings and a processing area with a hydraulic chute.
  5. Directions:
    From Spearman, TX travel East on FM 759 for 10 miles, turn North on CR 5 for 3 miles and you will be at the SE corner of the section.
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